Flash message

Displays a floating flash message on the screen.

Display onload

<p data-control="flash-message" data-interval="5" class="success">
    This message is created from a static element. It will go away in 5 seconds.

This message is created from a static element. It will go away in 5 seconds.


    <a href="#" class="btn btn-primary" onclick="$.wn.flashMsg({text: 'The record has been successfully saved. This message will go away in 1 second.', 'class': 'success', 'interval': 1}); return false;">
        Show Success

    <a href="javascript:;" class="btn btn-danger" onclick="$.wn.flashMsg({text: 'Babam!', 'class': 'error'}); return false;">
        Show Error

    <a href="javascript:;" class="btn btn-warning" onclick="$.wn.flashMsg({text: 'Warning! Winter is too good for this world!', 'class': 'warning'}); return false;">
        Show Warning

Display static

A flash message can be rendered as a static element by attaching the static class. The data-control attribute is not needed.

<p class="flash-message static success">
    Import completed successfully (success)

<p class="flash-message static info">
    Informative info box is informational (info)

<p class="flash-message static warning">
    Phasers have been set to stun (warning)

<p class="flash-message static error">
    We couldn't help you with that (error)

Data attributes

  • data-control="flash-message" - enables the flash message plugin
  • data-interval="2" - the interval to display the message in seconds, optional. Default: 2

JavaScript API

    'text': 'Record saved.',
    'class': 'success',
    'interval': 3

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