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Winter extends the Twig template language with a number of functions, tags, filters and variables. These extensions allow you to use the CMS features and access the page environment information inside your templates.


Template variables are printed on the page using double curly brackets.

{{ variable }}

Variables can also represent expressions.

{{ isAjax ? 'Yes' : 'No' }}

Variables can be concatenated with the ~ character.

{{ 'Your name: ' ~ name }}

Winter provides global variables under the this variable, as listed under the Variables section.


Tags are a unique feature to Twig and are wrapped with {% %} characters.

{% tag %}

Tags provide a more fluent way to describe template logic.

{% if stormCloudComing %}
    Stay inside
{% else %}
    Go outside and play
{% endif %}

The {% set %} tag can be used to set variables inside the template.

{% set activePage = 'blog' %}

Tags can take on many different syntaxes and are listed under the Tags section.


Filters act as modifiers to variables for a single instance and are applied using a pipe symbol followed by the filter name.

{{ 'string' | filter }}

Filters can take arguments like a function.

{{ price | currency('USD') }}

Filters can be applied in succession.

{{ 'Winter Glory' | upper | replace({'Winter': 'Morning'}) }}

Filters are listed under the Filters section.


Functions allow logic to be executed and the return result acts as a variable.

{{ function() }}

Functions can take arguments.

{{ dump(variable) }}

Functions are listed under the Functions section.

Access logic

The most important thing to learn about Twig is how it accesses the PHP layer. For convenience sake {{ foo.bar }} does the following checks on a PHP object:

  1. Check if foo is an array and bar a valid element.
  2. If not, and if foo is an object, check that bar is a valid property.
  3. If not, and if foo is an object, check that bar is a valid method (even if bar is the constructor - use __construct() instead).
  4. If not, and if foo is an object, check that getBar is a valid method.
  5. If not, and if foo is an object, check that isBar is a valid method.
  6. If not, return a null value.

Unsupported features

There are some features offered by Twig that are not supported by Winter. They are listed below next to the equivalent feature.

Tag Equivalent
{% extend %} Use Layouts or {% placeholder %}
{% include %} Use {% partial %} or {% content %}

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