The | resize filter attempts to resize the provided image source using the provided resizing configuration and outputs a URL to the resized image.

<img src="{{ 'banner.jpg' | media | resize(1920, 1080) }}" />

If the filter can successfully resize the provided image, then a URL to the Winter image resizer (/resize/$id/$targetUrl) will be rendered as the output of this filter until the image has been successfully resized. Once the image has been resized any future calls to this filter with the specific image and configuration combination will instead output a direct URL to the resized image.

This means that the actual work of resizing the image is delayed until the browser requests a specific image which prevents the resizing of the images from blocking the rendering of a page. It also means that several resize requests can be handled at once in parallel as the browser will make multiple requests at the same time for resized images with each request able to handle just resizing its own image.

NOTE: If the filter is unable to process the provided image, then it will instead return the original URL unmodified.

The filter accepts three parameters: | resize(int $width [, int $height , array $options]).

One of the options available in the $options array is extension. This allows converting images from one file type to another.

<img src="{{ 'banner.jpg' | media | resize(1920, 1080, , {'extension' : 'png'}) }}" />

See the image resizing docs for more information on other parameters.

NOTE: The image resizing functionality requires a cache driver that persists cache data between requests in order to function, array is not a supported cache driver if you wish to use this functionality.

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