{% flash %}

The {% flash %} and {% endflash %} tags will render any flash messages stored in the user session, set by the Flash PHP class. The message variable inside will contain the flash message text and the markup inside will repeat for multiple flash messages.

    {% flash %}
        <li>{{ message }}</li>
    {% endflash %}

You can use the type variable that represents the flash message type — success, error, info or warning.

{% flash %}
    <div class="alert alert-{{ type }}">
        {{ message }}
{% endflash %}

You can also specify the type to filter flash messages of a given type. The next example will show only success messages, if there is an error message it won't be displayed.

{% flash success %}
    <div class="alert alert-success">{{ message }}</div>
{% endflash %}

Setting flash messages

Flash messages can be set by Components or inside the page or layout PHP section with the Flash class.


function onSave()
    // Sets a successful message
    Flash::success('Settings successfully saved!');

    // Sets an error message
    Flash::error('Error saving settings');

    // Sets a warning message
    Flash::warning('There was a problem but no worries');

    // Sets an informative message
    Flash::info('Just a heads up about the settings');
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