{% content %}

The {% content %} tag will display a CMS content block on the page. To display content block called contacts.htm you pass the file name after the content tag quoted as a string.

{% content "contacts.htm" %}

A content block inside a subdirectory can be rendered in the same way.

{% content "sidebar/content.htm" %}

NOTE: The Themes documentation has more details on subdirectory usage.

Content blocks can be rendered as plain text:

{% content "readme.txt" %}

You can also use Markdown syntax:

{% content "changelog.md" %}

Content blocks can also be used in combination with layout placeholders:

{% put sidebar %}
    {% content 'sidebar-content.htm' %}
{% endput %}


You can pass variables to content blocks by specifying them after the file name:

{% content "welcome.htm" name=user.name %}

You can also assign new variables for use in the content:

{% content "location.htm" city="Vancouver" country="Canada" %}

Inside the content, variables can be accessed using a basic syntax using singular curly brackets:

<p>Country: {country}, city: {city}.</p>

You can also pass a collection of variables as a simple array:

{% content "welcome.htm" likes=[
] %}

The collection of variables is accessed by using an opening and closing set of brackets:


NOTE: Twig syntax is not supported in Content blocks, consider using a CMS partial instead.

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