Image Resizing


The Image Resizing service can be used for resizing any image resources accessible to the application.

It works by accepting a variety of image sources and normalizing the pipeline for storing the desired resizing configuration and then deferring the actual resizing of the images until requested by the browser. When the resizer route is hit, the configuration is retrieved from the cache and used to generate the desired image and then redirect to the generated images static path to minimize the load on the server.

Future loads of the image are automatically pointed to the static URL of the resized image without even hitting the resizer route.


The functionality of this class is controlled by these config items:

  • The disk to store resized images on
  • The folder on the disk to store resized images in
  • The public path to the resized images as returned by the storage disk's URL method, used to identify already resized images

NOTE: The image resizing service requires a cache driver that persists cache data between requests in order to function, array is not a supported cache driver if you wish to use this service.


The Image Resizer can be access through a number of different methods:

Available Parameters

The basic parameters provided to the ImageResizer are (int) $width, (int) $height, and (array) $options.

If $width or $height is falsey or 'auto', that value is calculated using original image ratio (automatic proportional scaling).

The following elements are supported in the options array are supported:

Key Description Default Options
mode How the image should be fitted to dimensions auto exact, portrait, landscape, auto, fit, or crop
offset Offset the crop of the resized image [0,0] [left, top]
quality Quality of the resized image 90 0-100
sharpen Amount to sharpen the image 0 0-100

Available Modes

The mode option allows you to specify how the image should be resized. The available modes are as follows:

Mode Description
auto Automatically choose between portrait and landscape based on the image's orientation
exact Resize to the exact dimensions given, without preserving aspect ratio
portrait Resize to the given height and adapt the width to preserve aspect ratio
landscape Resize to the given width and adapt the height to preserve aspect ratio
crop Crop to the given dimensions after fitting as much of the image as possible inside those
fit Fit the image inside the given maximal dimensions, keeping the aspect ratio

Available Sources

The available sources that images can be resized from are as follows:

  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Media Library
  • Uploads Directory
  • Models that extend the \Winter\Storm\Database\Attach\File model

Available sources can be extended by listening to the system.resizer.getAvailableSources event

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