The Winter CMS Web Installer is now available! Posted in Announcements on Jun 17, 2021.

Ben Thomson

We are super excited to announce that our new Web-based Installer is finally available for download, to make it super easy to get your next Winter CMS project started!

Download it now from GitHub


Before installing Winter CMS using the Web Installer, you will need to have an empty folder that is web-accessible on your server, and an empty database available in your MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server instance.

The empty folder should be accessible by a domain, a sub-domain, or as a subfolder to a domain or sub-domain.

Please make sure that the database you intend to use has no tables within it, and keep the database credentials nearby to enter in to the installer when prompted.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the and place it in your empty folder on your web server.
  2. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file - you should then have an install folder and an install.html file available.
  3. Grant write permissions to all files and folders that were extracted.
  4. In your web browser, navigate to the URL pointing to that folder, and include /install.html at the end of the URL.
  5. Follow the instructions given in the installer.

This is a beta release, so there might be some small issues - if you do spot anything, please have a look at our Issues list and see if it has been reported. If it hasn't yet been reported, we would love to know - fill out an issue and we'll be happy to have a look.

Make sure to join our Discord and let us know how you go!

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