Features for Designers With Winter CMS, allow your creative flair to flourish on your next project.

Easy theme development

Winter CMS unburdens you of limitations with your front-end design by allowing you to create fully customisable themes in your CSS and JavaScript frameworks of choice. Take advantage of Tailwind, Bootstrap, Vue, React or any other framework of choice - Winter CMS supports them all.

Themes provide the capability of defining configuration options that are made available to be modified in the Backend, giving you flexibility in defining how your project looks.

Simple templating

With Winter CMS, templates and layouts are simply HTML, making it super easy to structure your layouts and pages for the best effect.

For more complex and conditional design, Winter CMS leverages the Twig framework, a popular PHP templating engine to provide an easy interface for creating advanced templates with little programming knowledge required.

Edit templates using your own development tool, or make quick edits directly in the Backend - the choice is yours.

Asset compilation

Winter CMS supports SCSS and LESS compilation out-of-the-box, allowing you to use programmable styling and variables with ease. The Asset Compiler feature of Winter CMS will combine and compress your stylesheets ensuring that your project is as lean as possible.

You can even use the theme configuration panel to populate variables which are then transferred to your SCSS and LESS files.

Make the Backend yours

Even the Backend administration panel of Winter CMS is customisable, providing you the ability to style all areas of Winter CMS with you or your clients' branding.

Customisations can be as simple as a few colour changes, to some more complex stylesheet changes, or for ultimate control, the Backend skin can be completely redesigned to provide a completely customised look.

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Released February 15, 2022
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