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Announcements Winter v1.2.2 is now available! The Winter CMS maintainers are pleased to announce that Winter CMS v1.2.2 is now available, including child themes support, a new Icon Finder widget, various improvements to the Media Manager and much...... Read more Announcements Winter v1.2.1 is now available The Winter CMS maintainers are pleased to announce that Winter CMS v1.2.1 is now available. You may upgrade to this version automatically by running a Composer update in your Winter CMS install direct...... Read more Announcements Winter: 16 Months Later With the first year of Winter behind us, let's take a look at what we were able to achieve in 2021. Read more Announcements v1.2 with Laravel 9 Support Now Available! v1.2 with Laravel 9 Support Now Available For Testing! Read more Announcements Winter.Redirect plugin now available Winter.Redirect has been released; a first party Winter CMS plugin to manage redirects on your Winter CMS powered sites. Read more Announcements Winter.Matomo plugin now available Winter.Matomo has just been released, a first-party Winter CMS plugin to integrate Matomo Analytics into your Winter CMS projects. Read more Announcements Console Improvements in Winter 1.2 Check out the cool new features for console development coming to Winter v1.2! Read more Announcements Recent issue with marketplace proxy As part of our goal for transparency with Winter CMS, we wish to report on the recently identified and reported issue with our temporary marketplace proxy server. Read more Announcements Winter.Notes plugin now available Winter.Notes has just been released, a first-party Winter CMS plugin to add notes to any records in Winter through the use of a custom `notes` FormWidget that has a user experience similar to that of...... Read more Tutorials Setting up a Winter application with Cleavr In this tutorial, we describe the steps involved in using the Cleavr server management app to configure and automatically deploy a Winter project straight from your repository. Read more Announcements The Winter CMS Web Installer is now available! We are super excited to announce that our new Web-based Installer is finally available for download, to make it super easy to get your next Winter CMS project started! Read more Tips How do I start using Winter CMS? Learn how to start using Winter CMS in new and existing projects! Read more

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