Features for clients

Content management without all the hassle.

Uncomplicated page editing

Backed up by the Winter.Pages & Winter.Blocks plugins, Winter CMS makes it incredibly easy for clients to manage and update the contents of their site.

With an easy visual editor, and the ability for theme developers to define editable sections and fields for individual pages, your clients will find it straightforward to make any edits to their pages without breaking or complicating the page structure.

Full-featured media manager

Winter CMS comes in-built with a robust media management system, giving clients the ability to add and manage images, videos and other types of documents to be made available on their site.

The media management system includes resizing and cropping abilities, giving your clients a simple way to adjust images for their content - all through a few clicks.

Flexible user access

Controlling which users have access to which parts of your website is a breeze in Winter CMS.

The Administration section within the Backend of Winter CMS gives you the flexibility in adding administrator accounts for everyone who needs it, and also the ability to control what they have access to with a super-simple permission control.

For wider changes across larger organizations, Winter CMS supports groups and roles for setting permissions across multiple users.

Versatility for all your needs

Winter CMS is not just a content management system. Leveraging the power of Winter CMS plugins, as well as careful structuring of the core functionality, Winter CMS can be a web-based application portal, a REST or GraphQL API provider, an e-commerce solution and much more.

There is no limit to what you can do with Winter CMS. Run a blog, sell your products, manage a community, build an application - the choice is very much yours, and Winter CMS lets you achieve it.

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