Features for developers

Development is made simple with Winter CMS.

Strong framework

Winter CMS is built on top of the Laravel framework, a wildly popular PHP framework, offering a strong base of functionality to which Winter CMS extends further upon.

All of the staples of Laravel development are supported in Winter CMS - models, services, console commands, controllers and much more.

Winter CMS maintains support with the supported versions of Laravel, ensuring that your projects are adequately maintained and protected from security issues.

AJAX made easy

Dynamic content updates and background tasks are a breeze with Winter CMS with our simple AJAX framework.

Fully control the behavior of your pages with just a couple of data attributes in your HTML, or leverage JavaScript to make comprehensive user experiences and advanced front-end functionality.

Powerful plugin architecture

Supercharge your Winter CMS project with extra functionality provided by plugins. The plugin architecture of Winter CMS offers unparalleled flexibility and control over the functionality of your project.

With a robust events system, and features such as behaviors and dynamic class extensions, you can customise both in-built functionality in Winter CMS, and even other plugins, so that everything works the way you want it to.

Works with you, not against you

Winter CMS is carefully structured to work with your own build and development tools, not against them. Theme and plugin development can be done in your own development environment, with your own build pipeline.

Out of the box, Winter CMS will work with popular source control systems such as Git, allowing rapid source control and development.

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