Winter.Redirect plugin now available Posted in Announcements on Apr 18, 2022.

Luke Towers


The VDLP.Redirect plugin has long been considered the best plugin for managing redirects in October CMS. When the authors announced that they had no plans of continuing to support Winter CMS users; the Winter CMS core maintainer team was happy to step in to fill that role.

As such, we have forked the VDLP.Redirect plugin and it is now available with support for Winter v1.1+ (requires PHP 7.4+) as Winter.Redirect. We thank VDLP & especially Alwin Drenth for their many years of hard work developing this plugin and we look forward to improving it further for Winter CMS users moving forward.

Available features:

  • Quick matching algorithm
  • A test utility for redirects
  • Matching using placeholders (dynamic paths)
  • Matching using regular expressions
  • Exact path matching
  • Importing and exporting redirect rules
  • Schedule redirects (e.g. active for 2 months)
  • Redirect to external URLs
  • Redirect to internal CMS pages
  • Redirect to relative or absolute URLs
  • Redirect log
  • Categorize redirects
  • Statistics
  • Hits per redirect
  • Popular redirects per month (top 10)
  • Popular crawlers per month (top 10)
  • Number of redirects per month
  • Multilingual
  • Supports MySQL, SQLite and Postgres
  • HTTP status codes 301, 302, 303, 404, 410
  • Caching

Check it out at or install it now via Composer.

composer require winter/wn-redirect-plugin

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