Winter v1.2.4 is now available!

Ben Thomson
Posted on Dec 29, 2023.

The Winter CMS maintainers are pleased to announce that Winter CMS v1.2.4 is now available - just in time before the new year begins!

You may upgrade to this version automatically by running a Composer update in your Winter CMS install directory through composer update.

We took the time over the last 6 months since Winter v1.2.3 was released to improve a lot of core features and eliminate some long-standing issues, however, that doesn't mean we didn't also work on some cool new stuff as well. Some of the new features, changes and fixes include:

  • Grid repeaters! Repeater widgets can now collate items in grid columns, as opposed to a single vertical list. This allows people to organise smaller repeated forms more logistically.
  • New relation manager formwidget! We have added a new field type - relationmanager - that renders the relation manager for a given relation and acts as a shortcut for the old method of writing a partial to display the relation manager.
  • Improved console command styling! We've taken a look at our console commands and improved their styling and output to better communicate the actions being taken. For example, all "list" style commands (such as plugin:list, theme:list and mix:list) are all now displayed in an easy-to-read table format. We have also integrated a lot of the improved styling from the base Laravel framework into our own commands.
  • Security and performance improvements! Some important security and performance improvements were made this release, including fixing exploits through SVG files and the color picker field. We also added indexes to the sessions table to improve the speed of sites with large amounts of ongoing sessions.

For the full list of changes made in this release, you may view the release notes.


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