Winter.Matomo plugin now available

Luke Towers
Posted on Mar 02, 2022.

Thanks to the efforts of Winter CMS community member Helmut Kaufmann, Winter is proud to announce that there is now a first-party plugin available for integrating your Winter CMS instances with Matomo, the best self-hosted, privacy focused, Google Analytics alternative.

Matomo aligns well with our own values of free and open source development as well our commitment to privacy and security; and we're proud to announce official first-party support for this plugin.

The plugin is currently capable of injecting the Matomo tracking code into your theme pages through the Tracker component as well as embedding almost all Matomo analytics reporting widgets on the Winter CMS dashboard as well as the entire Matomo dashboard itself. Configuration is handled through the file-based configuration system and supports environment configuration values.

Future functionality planned for the plugin includes:

  • Server side tracking code for increased reliability
  • Inclusion of recommended libraries for interacting directly with the Matomo Reporting & Tracking APIs through PHP

Check it out at or install it now via Composer.

composer require winter/wn-matomo-plugin


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