Getting started with Winter CMS is easy.

With many options to choose from it's easy to get up and running, regardless of your experience level!


Installing Winter CMS with Composer is as simple as the following command on your CLI terminal:

                            composer create-project wintercms/winter my-project

Substituting my-project with the folder you wish to install Winter CMS within.

More info on installing in Composer

System requirements

The following requirements are needed to run Winter CMS.

  • A website server We support Apache, Nginx, LightHTTPd and IIS.
  • A database server We support MySQL and MariaDB, PostreSQL, SQL Server or SQLite.
  • PHP 8.0 or higher The following extensions must be installed: cURL, GD, MBString, OpenSSL, PDO, SimpleXML and Zip

Alternative methods

Web Installer

The Winter CMS web installer will check that your server meets the minimum requirements and will guide you through setting up your Winter CMS installation and administrator account.

  • Download and extract the Zip file below into an empty folder on your web server. The folder must be accessible through a domain, subdomain or subfolder.
  • Grant write permissions to all files and folders that were extracted.
  • In your web browser, navigate to the URL pointing to your folder, then add /install.html to the end of the URL. The installer will start and provide further instructions.
Download the Web Installer


Softaculous is an app installer suite present by default on many website control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, H-Sphere, DirectAdmin, and Interworx.

Search for Winter CMS in your website control panel under the Softaculous section or click below to install directly with Softaculous.

Install Winter using Softaculous

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