Winter v1.2.5 has been released!

Ben Thomson
Posted on Mar 12, 2024.

The Winter CMS maintainer team is proud to make Winter CMS v1.2.5 available for immediate download! This release is mainly a maintenance and bug-fix release that resolves a number of persistent issues and improves compatibility with PHP 8.2 and above. It is advised that you upgrade as soon as possible.

You may upgrade to this version automatically by running a Composer update in your Winter CMS install directory through composer update.

Highlights of this Winter CMS version include:

  • Increased PHP 8.2+ support: PHP 8.2 and above have introduced a number of deprecations to the long-standing PHP API. We have done extensive work in improving the compatibility of Winter with these versions, including some minor changes to the Extension framework and updating deprecated syntax. This should significantly decrease, if not eliminate, deprecation warnings and errors present in the core functionality of Winter.
  • Improved file extension thumbnails in the Media Manager: We have implemented dynamic file icons in the Media Manager to make it much easier to visually differentiate between the different file types. These file icons will be used for all non-image file types.
  • Custom options for dropdown fields: The dropdown field type now supports the ability to allow the user to define custom values for the field, if the available options do not contain the value that they require. You can set the allowCustom configuration option to true to enable this feature.
  • Fixed Http class issues in the Plugins & Updates screen: We have deployed a fix for a parameter typing issue that was preventing many Winter users from using the Plugin & Updates screen. While Composer remains our primary way of managing plugins and themes, this bug fix should allow users to be able to use this screen without further issue.

Winter CMS is also a proud Community Sponsor for Laracon US 2024, the largest Laravel networking and demonstration event of the year, featuring speakers such as Laravel founder Taylor Otwell, the creator of Tailwind CSS Adam Wathan and many more of Laravel and PHP's best and brightest!

For the full list of changes made in this release, you may view the release notes.


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