Winter v1.2.5

Released on March 12, 2024

UX/UI Improvements

  • Added support for mass enabling / disabling of permissions in the PermissionEditor FormWidget by clicking on the column headers.
  • Added support for allowCustom in dropdown fields to allow for custom values to be entered by the user.
  • Added support for balloon-selector fields as titleFrom sources in Repeaters.
  • Added support for custom disks in the winter:util purge uploads command.
  • Removed the unnecessary <p> tag from the email button partial.
  • Added disabled state styling for switch fields.
  • Added dynamic file extension icons to the Media Manager for files without thumbnails.

API Changes

  • Increased the default cache time of CombinedAssets to the 1 year, the current Google recommendation, instead of the previous recommendation of 1 week.
  • The .env.example file will no longer be automatically copied to .env on project creation.

Bug Fixes

  • Winter\Storm\Database\Attach\File will now correctly respect the visibility property set on the disk configuration when storing files on the disk.
  • Improved support for legacy plugins directly using the October\Rain\Extension\ExtendableTrait trait.
  • Improved the HTML Helper's reduceNameHeirachy() method's ability to handle field names from nestedforms.
  • Fixed support for dynamicProperties on PHP 8.2+ by no longer actually setting the properties on the object but instead using the existing dynamicProperties store to manage the values.
  • Event::forget() now also removes prioritized event listeners.
  • Fixed parameter typing for the Http::data() method that was causing issues on the Plugin Updates page.
  • Improved support for reordering records in the backend when the sort order values on the existing records are in an inconsistent state.
  • Improved support for PHP 8.2+ by replacing deprecated usage of ${} in strings with {$}.
  • Improved support for PHP 8.3 in the migration system.
  • Improved support for BackedEnum values in the FormField's isSelected() method.
  • Improved support for arbitrary depth of dependsOn in backend fields.
  • Fixed issue where null values passed to the md Twig filters would cause an error.

Translation Improvements

  • Added localization support for the System DateTime helper's timeTense() helper.
  • Added lang keys to plugin controller scaffolding.

Community Improvements

  • Winter CMS is a Community Sponsor of Laracon US 2024.


  • Updated jQuery to 3.7.1 and jQuery Migrate to 3.4.1.

New Contributors

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