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v1.2 with Laravel 9 Support Now Available For Testing!

Winter.Redirect has been released; a first party Winter CMS plugin to manage redirects on your Winter CMS powered sites.

Winter.Matomo has just been released, a first-party Winter CMS plugin to integrate Matomo Analytics into your Winter CMS projects.

Check out the cool new features for console development coming to Winter v1.2!

As part of our goal for transparency with Winter CMS, we wish to report on the recently identified and reported issue with our temporary marketplace proxy server.

Winter.Notes has just been released, a first-party Winter CMS plugin to add notes to any records in Winter through the use of a custom `notes` FormWidget that has a user experience similar to that of the Mac OS Notes app.

We are super excited to announce that our new Web-based Installer is finally available for download, to make it super easy to get your next Winter CMS project started!

We regret to inform you that October CMS as you have known it for the past 7 years is no more. The founders have decided to make it a paid proprietary product; unfortunately abandoning the open source community in the process as "source partially available" is not open source. The core maintainers of the project have forked, and will continue development as Winter CMS....

As of 20 March 2021, all of the useful RainLab plugins have been forked and are now available as first-party plugins under the Winter namespace. You can start using them on new projects immediately. Drop in replacement for existing October CMS projects is coming in Winter CMS v1.1.3...

We have forked October CMS

Posted in Announcements on Mar 06, 2021.

Former October CMS maintainers Luke Towers, Ben Thomson and Marc Jauvin wish to announce the formation of the Winter CMS project, a community-driven fork of October CMS with a dedication to speed, security, stability and simplicity. Along with Jack Wilkinson, we aim to continue to deliver a professional and feature-rich platform that you can rely upon for your websites and applications...

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v1.2 with Laravel 9 Support Now Available!

Published May 2, 2022
v1.2 with Laravel 9 Support Now Available For Testing!

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