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Utility Commands

The following commands are utility commands available on Winter installations.

Clear the cache

php artisan cache:clear

The cache:clear command flushes the entire application cache that is used to increase the performance of Winter. We routinely cache compiled template files and system data, however, in rare cases this cached data can result in your project showing outdated data or not reflecting more recent changes. This command will delete the cache and ensure the latest data is available.

Run unit tests

php artisan winter:test [--core] [--plugin=] [--configuration=]

The winter:test command runs the unit tests for the entire project, a specific plugin, or the Winter core.

To run the entire project's unit tests:

php artisan winter:test

Or, to run only the core unit tests, use the -o or --core option:

php artisan winter:test -o

To run a specific plugin's tests, use the -p or --plugin= option:

php artisan winter:test -p Acme.Demo

To run a custom test suite, use the -c or --configuration= option:

php artisan winter:test -c ./custom-path/phpunit.xml

If using additional PHPUnit parameters / options, they must be included after the winter:test command's options:

php artisan winter:test -p Acme.Demo --filter=FilteredTest --stop-on-failure

Utility runner

winter:util - a generic command to perform general utility tasks, such as cleaning up files or combining files. The arguments passed to this command will determine the task used.

Compile Winter assets

Outputs combined system files for JavaScript (js), StyleSheets (less), client side language (lang), or everything (assets).

php artisan winter:util compile assets
php artisan winter:util compile lang
php artisan winter:util compile js
php artisan winter:util compile less

To combine without minification, pass the --debug option.

php artisan winter:util compile js --debug

Pull all repos

This will execute the command git pull on all theme and plugin directories.

php artisan winter:util git pull

Purge thumbnails

Deletes all generated thumbnails in the uploads directory.

php artisan winter:util purge thumbs

Purge uploads

Deletes files in the uploads directory that do not exist in the "system_files" table.

php artisan winter:util purge uploads

Purge orphaned uploads

Deletes records in "system_files" table that do not belong to any other model.

php artisan winter:util purge orphans

To also delete records that have no associated file in the local storage, pass the --missing-files option.

php artisan winter:util purge orphans --missing-files

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