Backend sorting and reordering


The Reorder behavior is a controller behavior that provides features for sorting and reordering database records. The behavior provides a page called Reorder using the controller action reorder. This page displays a list of records with a drag handle allowing them to be sorted and in some cases restructured.

The behavior depends on a model class which must implement one of the following model traits:

  1. Winter\Storm\Database\Traits\Sortable
  2. Winter\Storm\Database\Traits\NestedTree

NOTE: If adding sorting to a previously unsorted model under the control of a third party is desired, you can use the Winter\Storm\Database\Behaviors\Sortable behavior, which can be dynamically implemented. However, you will need to ensure that the model table has a sort_order column present on it.

In order to use the Reorder behavior you should add the \Backend\Behaviors\ReorderController::class definition to the $implement property of the controller class.

namespace Acme\Shop\Controllers;

class Categories extends Controller
     * @var array List of behaviors implemented by this controller
    public $implement = [

Configuring the behavior

The Reorder behaviour will load its configuration in the YAML format from a config_reorder.yaml file located in the controller's views directory (plugins/myauthor/myplugin/controllers/mycontroller/config_reorder.yaml) by default.

This can be changed by overriding the $reorderConfig property on your controller to reference a different filename or a full configuration array:

public $reorderConfig = 'my_custom_reorder_config.yaml';

Below is an example of a typical Reorder behavior configuration file:

# ===================================
#  Reorder Behavior Config
# ===================================

# Reorder Title
title: Reorder Categories

# Attribute name
nameFrom: title

# Model Class name
modelClass: Acme\Shop\Models\Category

# Toolbar widget configuration
    # Partial for toolbar buttons
    buttons: reorder_toolbar

The configuration options listed below can be used.

Option Description
title used for the page title.
nameFrom specifies which attribute should be used as a label for each record.
modelClass a model class name, the record data is loaded from this model.
toolbar reference to a Toolbar Widget configuration file, or an array with configuration.

Displaying the reorder page

You should provide a view file with the name reorder.htm. This view represents the Reorder page that allows users to reorder records. Since reordering includes the toolbar, the view file will consist solely of the single reorderRender method call.

<?= $this->reorderRender() ?>

Override Sortable Partials

If you need to override default view of your reorder page, you have to copy

  1. modules/backend/behaviors/reordercontroller/partials/_container.htm
  2. modules/backend/behaviors/reordercontroller/partials/_records.htm


  1. plugins/yournamespace/yourplugin/yoursortablecontroller/_reorder_container.htm
  2. plugins/yournamespace/yourplugin/yoursortablecontroller/_reorder_records.htm

Extending the model query

The lookup query for the list database model can be extended by overriding the reorderExtendQuery method inside the controller class. This example will ensure that soft deleted records are included in the list data, by applying the withTrashed scope to the query:

public function reorderExtendQuery($query)
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