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Timeline map of the events fired in the CMS (frontend)

  1. cms.page.beforeDisplay

  2. cms.page.initComponents


  3. cms.page.init

  4. cms.ajax.beforeRunHandler

  5. cms.component.beforeRunAjaxHandler

  6. cms.component.runAjaxHandler

  7. cms.page.start -- start of page lifecycle



    • component.beforeRun
    • component.run


    page::onStart() page::runComponents()

    • component.beforeRun
    • component.run page::onEnd()


  8. cms.page.end -- end of page lifecycle

  9. cms.page.beforeRenderPage

  10. cms.page.render

  11. cms.page.postprocess

  12. cms.page.display

Note: Adding the following code in your Plugin's boot() method will dump the CMS page event stack to your system.log file:

$events_history = [];
Event::listen('*', function ($event, $params) use (&$events_history) {
    if (!str_starts_with($event, 'cms.')) {
    $events_history[] = $event;
    if ($event === 'cms.page.display') {

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