Winter v1.0.463

Released on January 6, 2020

UX/UI Improvements:

  • Fixed display of checkbox lists when quickselect is selected.
  • Added new winter:passwd Artisan command to change the password of a Backend user through the command-line.
  • Secondary branding colour is now applied to the active media filter in the MediaManager widget
  • Lists can now disable the click event by applying the nolink CSS class to table row (TR) elements in addition to table data elements (TD) elements.

API Changes:

  • System\Classes\PluginManager->sortByDependencies() is now deprecated as plugins are now sorted by key & dependencies by default.
  • Changed the Winter\Rain\Database\Builder->simplePaginate() signature to match paginate() ($perPage, $currentPage, $columns, $pageName)
  • Added engine => InnoDB to the default mysql database driver configuration
  • Added support for varcharmax to the mysql database driver configuration to specify the default length used for varchar / string columns when running migrations. If using utf8mb4 on MySQL < 5.7 or MariaDB < 10.2 this should be set to 191, newer versions can be safely set to 255 however.
  • Translator trans and transChoice method arguments have changed to match the Laravel 5.5 base package.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the LESS compiler using PHP 7.4 that was previously throwing an error.
  • Added support for tab lazy loading to all forms of tabs, not just primary tabs.
  • Fixed hard coded Form widget alias in the recently added tab lazy-loading functionality.
  • Fixed support for Laravel's Builder::paginate() signature paginate($perPage, $columns, $pageName, $currentPage) in addition to Winter's paginate($perPage, $currentPage, $columns, $pageName). Additionally fixed support for Laravel's simplePaginate() signature.
  • Fixed issue where errors thrown during the page processing of the RelationController would be silently consumed without being reported to the user.
  • Fixed issue where popups can still be interacted with when they are in a loading state using data-popup-load-indicator.


  • Updated minimum required PHP version for the installer to match Build 1.0.472's minimum of 7.0.8

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