v1.0.465 Released on April 11, 2020

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UX/UI Improvements

  • The Event Log list now shows the entire first line of a logged error message, up to 500 characters maximum, in order to provide more context of errors in the list.
  • When searching for plugins to install in the backend plugin management screen author names are now included in the search results.
  • A consistent cross browser focus ring style is now utilized in the backend.
  • Fixed a small typo when using number range filters with no value provided for the minimum.
  • Removed excess space from tab titles when hovering over them.
  • Added styling to distinguish a disabled unchecked checkbox from a enabled unchecked checkbox.
  • Added ability to middle mouse click on list rows to open them in a new tab.
  • Added new style attribute for repeater widgets, which controls repeater item behaviour. Allows items to be expanded or collapsed on load, or allows a repeater to act as an "accordion" widget.
  • If a lazily loaded tab is the first tab or only tab displayed it will now be automatically loaded on page load instead of remaining empty.

API Changes

  • Type hint for registerSchedule method in PluginBase updated to correctly hint the Illuminate\Console\Scheduling\Schedule object that is passed to it.
  • Added exception.beforeReport and exception.report events
  • cms.backendForceSecure no longer supports the value of null (where it would be considered the inverse of app.debug) as this resulted in confusion when disabling debug mode while the application was behind a proxy causing an infinite loop. Ultimately it's the server's responsibility to handle forcing HTTPS.
  • User preferences for list widgets are now ignored if the list widget has disabled the setup modal via showSetup being false.
  • Return type hint documentation for PluginBase::boot method changed from array to void.
  • Re-added the db:seed artisan command

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with the queueOn and laterOn methods of the Mail facade throwing an invalid argument exception due to queue name string being defined where the queue manager is meant to be defined. The queue name is now injected into the Mailable object that is created, and the default queue manager is used instead.
  • Implemented another fix for the temporary monkey patched LESS compilation to support PHP 7.4 until the Laravel 6 upgrade is completed.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to set a simple value on a BelongsToMany relationship as a collection would produce a collection wrapped in an array instead of an array of values which would confuse the sync() command.
  • Fixed an issue with composer.json which could cause some installations to load a version of Laravel newer than actually supported.
  • Fixed issue where un-elevated plugins weren't being loaded on any routes starting with /combine (should have been /combine/)
  • Fixed a change in default behavior where a recent update to Dropzone.js (used for uploading files) added a timeout property that defaults to 30 seconds. Timeout has been set to 0 (infinite) to retain the previous behaviour of no timeout utilized on file uploads.
  • Fixed a bug where reloading a Lists widget with a custom search term applied would reset the pagination.
  • Improved error handling on invalid model attributes being used for form fields.
  • Improved preview mode support for type: number fields with 0 as their value.

Security Improvements

  • Improved escaping of option values provided to the dropdown field type

Translation Improvements

  • Improved Slovakian translation.
  • Improved French translation.
  • Improved Dutch translation.
  • Minor cleanup to English translation.

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