Winter v1.0.448

Released on March 1, 2019

UX/UI Improvements:

  • Improved consistency of file size displayed in the FileUpload FormWidget between upload and page load actions
  • Added Inline (No icons) navigation mode to the branding settings

API Changes:

  • Changed filter.js to fire AJAX requests on the filter control element instead of the closest form element
  • Changed the datepicker FormWidget when in mode date to send a DateTime string with zeroed time (according to the app.timezone configuration) using the client's timezone. This is a change from the previous behaviour of sending the current time.
  • Added ability to specify a permissions array when registering ReportWidgets to force the user to have at least one of the specified permissions to be able to utilize the ReportWidget in question.
  • Added support for counter and counterLabel to main menu items, counter will default to the sum of the relevant side menu counters unless counter is set to false.
  • Added support for multi-line update messages in plugin's version.yaml file
  • Now firing the backend.list.extendRecords event from the export() method when useList: true in the ImportExportController behavior.
  • abort(404) now returns the backend 404 view when called in the backend (module and plugin backend controllers)
  • Added plugin:list, plugin:disable Author.Plugin, plugin:enable Author.Plugin Artisan CLI commands
  • Added backend.layout.extendHead view event (passes $layout = 'auth.htm' | 'default.htm')
  • Changed Backend\Classes\Controller to extend the base Illuminate\Routing\Controller class instead of being its own root class in order to support the middleware() method on the controllers.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed field default values when adding new items with the Repeater or when using minItems over 0
  • Fixed support for nested jsonable properties as list columns (i.e. additional_data[level_1][level_2])
  • Fixed support for DataTable FormWidgets within Repeaters
  • Fixed an issue where SVG menu icons wouldn't display on page load and required a repaint to actually display
  • Fixed issue where the password in invitation emails was getting HTML encoded leading 123&test to become 123&test
  • Fixed issue with AJAX handlers in ReportWidgets, specifically related to issues with the widget aliases not being set correctly
  • Fixed issue with being unable to use the second datepicker field's popup for a daterange filter inside of a popup
  • Fixed issue with multibyte slugs, reduced default max length from 240 to 175 to account for the default DB charset of utf8mb4
  • Fixed the hasMany relationship when not using the model's primary key as the the relationship's key
  • Fixed issue where attempting to install plugins from the winter:install CLI command wouldn't work due to plugins attempting to install themselves before Winter itself was configured.
  • Return a 500 response instead of a 200 response when an exception is thrown during the compiling of an asset file using the AssetCombiner
  • Fixed minor CSS bug in Firefox (user deleted message on the user detail's page)
  • Fixed error "Invalid security token" when trying to login to the backend by instructing the browser to clear it's cache on signin and signout as well as unregistering any service workers on the login action

Translation Improvements:

  • Improved Hungarian translation
  • Improved Turkish translation
  • Improved French translation
  • Improved Arabic translation

Performance Improvements:

  • Refactored stripe-loading-indicator to use CSS transforms instead of animating the width property to improve rendering performance.

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