Winter v1.2.6

Released on April 26, 2024

UX/UI Improvements

  • Improved UX when invalid dates are present in a datepicker field by displaying a warning message and allowing the user to edit those values. Also improved support for date values that use . as a separator.
  • Removed the encryption setting from the backend Mail Settings page as it is redundant now.

API Changes

  • The Illuminate\Http\Middleware\HandleCors middleware is now included in the core HTTP kernel by default. In order to start using the CORS support added by this change add the config/cors.php file to your project and configure it accordingly.
  • Added --no-progress and --json options to mix:compile, mix:watch, & mix:list commands.
  • Added support for the List widget's showPageNumbers in RelationController's view and manage configuration scopes.
  • Added support for logging context data in the backend EventLog.
  • Added support for the array_*() helper functions in the System Twig environment.
  • The date() Twig filter and function now run through the System\Helpers\DateTime helper to process them with Carbon.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where HasOneThrough and HasManyThrough relationships were not taking the count and scope relationship configuration options into account.
  • Fixed an issue where ignore_missing wasn't being respected in the source() Twig function.
  • Hidden / disabled fields are no longer excluded from the form data in the Form's onRefresh handler.


  • Twig has been locked to 3.8 as 3.9 introduces a breaking change. 3.9+ will be supported in the next release.
  • FontAwesome has been updated to 6.5.2 and the asset compilation step has been moved to Winter Mix for easier upgrades in the future. This also removes the vendor files for FontAwesome from the repository.
  • The customized styles for Select2 in the Winter backend are now compiled to a standalone file (/modules/system/assets/ui/vendor/select2/css/select2.css).

New Contributors

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