v1.0.444 Released on December 18, 2018

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UX/UI Improvements:

  • Replaced the PNG flag icons with the flag-icon-css library that uses SVGs and has more flags available.
  • Added filters to the backend logging pages (access, theme, event)
  • Icons added to the Status dashboard widget
  • Icon added to CMS section to see the last modified date of files
  • Resize popovers dynamically when the viewport resizes
  • Added ability to define icons for tabs
  • Added "Apply" & "Clear" buttons to filter popups
  • Added support for 'auto' placement of the time picker widget (based on viewport)
  • Added ability to install Winter.Drivers and RainLab.Builder plugins from the winter:install command
  • Added readOnly support to RecordFinder, Switch, & Relation form widgets
  • Improved the visibility of the code editor control buttons
  • Collapse folders in the CMS by default
  • Changed the number field type to actually use the HTML5 'number' input type
  • Added clear search button when the search widget has content in it
  • Improve Datatable dropdown UX, now able to type partial options to select them and use arrow keys to navigate the items

API Changes:

  • Added support for registerMailTemplates and registerMailPartials in the Plugin registration file
  • Added support for the placeholder property in the TagList FormWidget
  • Added @framework.extras.js and @framework.extras.css file specific aliases to the combiner (Previously they were both combined under the 'framework.js' alias which is still available)
  • Added translation support to the 'default' form field property
  • Added change detection on the relation controller so that dependsOn can be used on relation controller’s containing fields
  • Remove unused X-UA-Compatible meta tag from backend layout
  • Implemented SoftDeleting of backend users
  • Added ablitity to specify custom paginators for use with the database builder
  • Added translator.beforeResolve event to override language strings passed through the translator
  • Added addPurgeable() method to the base Halcyon model, automatically included dynamically added properties to the purgeable properties list.

Bug Fixes:

  • Added a missing content-type header to CSV exports
  • Improved table column width handling in Chrome
  • Improved compatibility with using CloudFlare performance tools on backend routes
  • Fixed z-index conflict for the markdown editor when in full screen mode
  • Fixed file upload fields not correctly saving in the relation controller create popup
  • Fixed issue where using Ctrl+F would mark the code editor as "dirty"
  • Fixed filter popups not displaying when in a popup modal
  • Improved relation controller’s handling of VARCHAR keys
  • Fixed not being able to delete asset files in the CMS
  • Fixed minItems & maxItems support for Repeaters using groups
  • Prevent plugins that cannot be instantiated from being loaded (fixes issues with plugins that include reserved words in their namespaces crashing the whole application)
  • Improved CSS minification effectiveness
  • Fixed Queued event listeners

Security Improvements

  • Escape output of various variables displayed in the backend to prevent theoretical XSS attacks
  • Prevent access to controllers of disabled plugins
  • Flush the entire session on logout, not just the authentication key

Translation Improvements:

  • Minor improvements to the Slovak translation
  • Additions to the Dutch translation

Performance Improvements:

  • Improved HasMany performance by no longer instantiating a full Collection object when getting the simple value for the relationship
  • Improved List performance by only loading necessary data for getRecordUrl instead of loading all model data for each row.


  • jQuery updated from 2.0 to 3.3.1
  • jQuery Migrate was added, included by default with the @jquery alias
  • Modernizr updated from 2.8.3 to 3.6.0
  • Moments.js & Timezone from 2.13.0 to 2.22.0
  • Raphaël updated from 2.1.2 to 2.2.7
  • Eve.js updated from 0.4.2 to 0.5.4
  • jQuery.isotope.js updated from 1.5.26 to 3.0.6

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