v1.1.7 Released on November 13, 2021

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UX/UI Improvements

  • The color picker widget has been redesigned with a fresh look and additional features. See https://github.com/wintercms/winter/pull/324 for more information.
  • You can now define one or more IP addresses that may view the site during maintenance mode via the Maintenance mode Settings screen.
  • Console scaffolding commands (i.e. create:controller, create:plugin, etc) will now list the files that were created during the scaffolding process for clarity.

API Changes

  • Added $data as the fourth argument to the mailer.prepareSend and mailer.send events.
  • Added create:settings {plugin} {settings=Settings} scaffolding command to generate a Settings model for the provided plugin.
  • Added winter:test {?--p|plugin=} {?--c|configuration=} {?--o|core} --ANY-PHP-UNIT-FLAGS-HERE command to easily run the core and plugin's PHPUnit testing suites.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue introduced in v1.0.466 where copying the default RelationController markup to use in a controller-level override of RelationController partials would result in an "undefined index" exception.
  • Client language files for child locales (i.e. en-ca) will now include fallback strings from their parent locales.
  • Fixed an issue with the Markdown Editor in Chrome clipping the editor content if the viewport height is restricted while the widget has "stretch" enabled.
  • Fixed Backed\Helper\Backend::makeCarbon() to correctly default to the backend timezone set in cms.backendTimezone
  • Large numbers of options (250+) are now better handled with the group filter
  • Added support for base64 encoded data:image URIs in image type columns.

Translation Improvements

  • Improved Persian translation.
  • Improved Latvian translation.
  • Improved Russian translation.
  • Improved German translation.

Community Improvements

  • Winter CMS can now be accessed via the Gitpod service, providing near-instant, fully working copies of Winter CMS for testing and development. Please see https://github.com/wintercms/winter/pull/295 for more information.
  • The Architecture Concepts section has been added to the documentation and provide an higher level overview of Winter CMS and some of the advanced time-saving features available within the project.
  • The Maintainer Guide has been added to the documentation.

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