Winter v1.0.467

Released on July 1, 2020

UX/UI Improvements

  • Added docblocks to the controller scaffolding.
  • Added support for decompiling nested compiled asset files when cms.decompileBackendAssets is enabled.
  • Improved error handling for failed fileuploads

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug introduced in 466 where :number stopped working in transChoice translation strings.
  • Fixed bug introduced in 466 where it was impossible to upload images to the Media Library while on a page that included the AssetList widget.
  • Fixed bug introduced in 466 where plugin dependencies wouldn't be loaded all of the time.
  • Fixed bug where belongsToMany relationships with pivot data could not be added to through the RelationController if a custom order property was set on the relationship definition.
  • Fixed empty tags being stripped in RichEditor (Froala) widget.
  • Fixed bug where a field with @context in the name would completely break forms if it also utilized the dependsOn API other fields.
  • Fixed bug introduced in 466 where backend throttle records were no longer recording the IP address correctly of authentication attempts.
  • Fixed visual glitch on Inspector autocomplete dropdown fields
  • Fixed an issue where using File()->fromUrl() on very long URLs would result in a filename that was too long for the database.
  • Fixed issue where application bootstrappers could hard crash the application by throwing an exception that wouldn't be able to passed on to the user for them to resolve.
  • Improve error handling for invalid counter properties on backend menu items.
  • Fixed issue where the onSave() AJAX handlers of the FormController behavior weren't getting being affected by context-specific configuration values.
  • Fixed issue where refreshing the entire form through JS would cause an issue because the toggleEmptyTabs delayed function would be run after the original form element it was targeting was replaced in the DOM
  • Improved error message when attempting to fork an unforkable component (component without a default.htm partial)

Security Improvements

  • Fixed security issue where content pasted into the Froala richeditor wasn't properly sanitized exposing users to self-XSS attacks from malicious websites when copying & pasting content into the editor.

Community Improvements

  • Documented the Select field widget's dynamic option creation (tagging) feature.

Translation Improvements

  • Improved the Polish translation.

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