v1.0.459 Released on September 10, 2019

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UX/UI Improvements:

  • The theme Delete button is now hidden for the currently active theme as you cannot delete the active theme anyways.
  • Added a warning to the System Status dashboard ReportWidget when debug mode is enabled as debug should never be enabled in production.
  • Invalid menu items now throw a ValidationException when debug mode is enabled and log an error instead when debug is disabled.
  • Added support for Repeater item titles to be pulled from dropdown field types.
  • Added the Validation trait to model stubs when calling create:model.
  • Made the CodeEditor fullscreen button easier to see by increasing the contrast.

API Changes:

  • When setting relationship values model mutator methods ('set' . $attribute . 'Attribute') are now taken into account meaning that you can control how specific relationship values are set by defining a custom mutator method for the relationship.
  • Added getReportWidgets() method to Backend\Classes\WidgetManager to return the protected array of currently registered report widgets
  • Custom theme data stored in cms_theme_data is now removed when the theme it belongs to is deleted.
  • Added develop.decompileBackendAssets configuration flag to decompile the backend assets in order to simplify making changes to backend asset files for the purpose of making PRs to the Winter CMS core.
  • Switched parsing of stub files for the generator commands to use Twig instead of basic str_replace(), this will enable more complex stub files

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where the TagList FormWidget in mode: relation wasn't respecting relationship constraints (conditions and scope) set on the relationship definition.
  • Fixed issue where using the ::class magic constant in database migrations would cause them to break due to flawed parsing logic.
  • Fixed use of Storage::url() for local disks that haven't been configured correctly
  • Moved the translation for plugin's "By $author" text in the plugin update view to the System module instead of the CMS module to support installations without the CMS module enabled or installed.
  • Removed old "Holly Hack" for IE5-IE7 support, we don't support those browsers anymore.
  • Fixed Theme importing/exporting that was broken as of 457-458.
  • Fixed issue where the session expiring would throw a vague exception when attempting to check the CSRF token instead of just throwing a general CSRF invalid error message.
  • Fixed issue where multiple instances of the PermissionEditor could not exist on a single page.

Translation Improvements:

  • Improved Arabic translation

Performance Improvements:

  • The file extension has been added to the end of asset combiner URLs (ex. /combine/asqw3ljkqw421323.js or /combine/lkj23jlk13j1l.css) in order to allow CDNs to more easily identify the URL as cacheable to improve overall site performance.

Community Improvements:

  • Added documentation on keeping local forks of the Winter CMS codebase up to date with upstream.
  • Improved the CONTRIBUTING.md guide
  • Added security policy
  • Added documentation for testing pull requests


  • Updated to v1.8.0 of Spectrum.js (Note: Winter was already using 1.8.0, however jQuery API updates were made without the vendor tagging a new release)

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