Winter v1.2.3

Released on July 7, 2023

UX/UI Improvements

  • Display an inspirational quote after generating code files with the create:* scaffolding commands, can be disabled by passing the --uninspiring option.
  • InvalidArgumentException exceptions in scaffolding commands are now caught and displayed as an error in the console.
  • Support for uploading SVGs is now present and enabled by default in the core. SVGs are sanitized on upload to avoid potential XSS attacks.
  • Minor improvements to the backend brand settings page on mobile.
  • Added a visual indicator to ignored packages when running artisan mix:list.
  • Added ability to select the desired theme scaffold to use when scaffolding themes from the backend, also will now automatically pre-fill more fields.
  • Migration messages will now be show when running migrations in the console, even if an exception is thrown.
  • Finished implementing the artisan create:migration command, with support for the --version, --create, --update, --table, and --model options. This command supports generating the required versions in updates/version.yaml now as well.
  • A default .env.example file is now included in the wintercms/winter repository.
  • Fixed an issue where the Clear button on the recordfinder wasn't visible.

API Changes

  • Local extensions are now initialized after all behaviours have been loaded. See wintercms/storm@004159.
  • Ignored Mix packages are now excluded from MixAssets::getPackages() unless the $includeIgnored argument is true.
  • Added getPluginVersions() method to the PluginBase class to get a sorted list of the plugin's versions as defined in updates/version.yaml.
  • cms.beforeRoute is now a halting event in order to enable preventing the CMS catch-all route from being registered.

Bug Fixes

  • When updating the sort_order on sortable relations, find() is now called on the related model directly rather than the Relation object. See wintercms/storm#146.
  • Fixed issue preventing users from being able to create themes from the backend (Return value must be of type string, null returned).
  • Fixed issue with case sensitivity when determining "upload_max_filesize" size.
  • Fixed race condition with maxItem limit check after adding a new repeater item
  • Fixed issue where keyboards could appear on mobile when attempting to use a datepicker field.
  • Fixed issue where an error message was being logged unnecessarily.
  • Fixed issue where dynamically switching between multiple themes on the same instance coud result in assets from the wrong theme being loaded.

Security Improvements

Translation Improvements

  • Improved Hungarian translation.

Community Improvements

  • The Winter.Blocks plugin has been released, offering a visual, block-based content editor for Winter CMS.
  • The Winter.Ray plugin now supports loading the Ray configuration through the normal Winter CMS config system rather than requiring a ray.php file to be present in your project root.


  • winter/storm and wintercms/winter now include PHP 8.2 in their automated test suites.
  • Support for symfony/console up to 6.3 has been added.

New Contributors

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