Winter v1.0.460

Released on December 7, 2019

UX/UI Improvements:

  • Moved CodeEditor's full screen buttons to the bottom of the widget.
  • Fixed keyboard support for checkboxes
  • Added keyboard support to lists
  • Improved the UX of checkbox lists "Select All", "Select None" bulk actions
  • Changed the cursor to be a grab cursor when hovering over table headers to indicate that they are a scrollable container
  • Made the record "Delete" button consistent across the core backend controllers by replacing User Roles & User Groups delete buttons with the standard trash can icon button
  • Fixed issue where form tabs would initially be unstyled until the JS had loaded and initialized them
  • Added support for making radio fields display inline by adding cssClass: 'inline-options' to their properties
  • Added auto detection of the field required property for fields that have required_if model validation rules

API Changes:

  • Cookies are no longer serialized. This brings the behavior back in line with Laravel's default behavior as of the 5.5.42 update. IMPORTANT: If you are passing non-scalar values to Cookie::set() (i.e. objects & arrays) then you will need to change your code so that those values are JSON encoded / decoded before and after being stored in the cookie.
  • Added new System\Traits\ResponseMaker trait to the base Backend\Classes\Controller class (and the Cms\Classes\Controller controller). Adds the following methods: setStatusCode($code), getStatusCode(), setResponse($response), setResponseHeader($key, $values, $replace = true), setResponseCookie($cookie), getResponseHeaders(), and makeResponse($contents).
  • media.file.upload event now passes the $path argument by reference.
  • Added ability to specify a LESS file to be used as a default backend brand CSS override with the config item brand.customLessPath
  • Updated references to deprecated event.which and other methods of determining the selected keys to the new event.key
  • Added new method removePermission($owner, $code) to the BackendAuth manager class to enable plugins to dynamically remove permissions from the available list registered with the BackendAuth manager class.
  • Added support for SparkPost mail driver
  • Added support for a string option to be provided to Winter\Rain\Network\Http->setOption($option, $value) as long as it corresponds to a valid CURLOPT_ constant
  • Added getConfig($value, $default = null) method to the Backend\Classes\ListColumn class to mirror what's available on the Backend\Classes\FormField class
  • Added order option to the relation FormWidget to allow relation options to be ordered by a custom order statement.
  • Added email field type (type: email)
  • Documented newly available services.mailgun.endpoint config item in config/services.php
  • Replaced existing handling of disabling CloudFlare's rocket loader on backend scripts by adding a new event (system.assets.beforeAddAsset) that is listened to by the HeathDutton.CloudFlare plugin. Recommend any CloudFlare users using Rocket Loader to use that plugin going forward
  • Added support for permissions property on form fields, list columns, and list filter scopes. Property supports either a single string or an array of permissions that the current backend user must have access to at least one of in order to access the field / column / filter scope.
  • Added support for mode: switch to the Backend\FormWidgets\PermissionEditor FormWidget that defines permissions as either expliclity allowed (1) or denied (-1).
  • Added support for availablePermissions property to the Backend\FormWidgets\PermissionEditor FormWidget that accepts an array of permission codes to filter the list of permission codes to be managed by that widget instance down to.
  • Added clear-full, clear-left, and clear-right CSS classes that can be used to apply clearfixes to form fields by adding them to the field's cssClass property
  • Added support for the CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS cURL option to be manually overriden when using the Winter\Rain\Network\Http wrapper.
  • Added support for dependsOn to filter scopes of type: group. All current filter scopes (including their current values) will be passed to the options method as an array of scope objects to be used in redetermining the available options to provide when the scopes that are targeted with dependsOn are updated.
  • Added support for unregistered translation strings to still have the replacement engine run on them
  • Added support for minimum or maximum values in number range filter to be left unspecified - this is treated as an "at least" minimum value or "at most" maximum value filter.
  • Added getSortColumn() and getSortDirection() public methods to the Lists widget.
  • Added two more valid characters to filenames managed by the MediaLibrary, ' and &.
  • Added parseClean() method to Winter\Rain\Parse\Markdown that enables safe mode on the markdown parser used.

Bug Fixes:

  • Reverted improvements to table column width handling on Chrome (specifically for long unbroken text values in columns) introduced in Build 1.0.444 as it was causing other issues on mobile.
  • Reduced inconsistencies with results generated by \Winter\Rain\Database\Attach\Resizer class, specifically for .gif images by processing .gif images with imagescale() instead of imagecopyresampled()
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to modify the available Settings Items through the SettingsManager could fail if a user wasn't provided to filterItemPermissions() at that point in the request
  • Removed caching of Theme configuration, this is now handled by YAML::parseFile() caching which simplifies the Theme processing code and fixes some bugs related to cache invalidation
  • Fixed issue with trying to create multiple CMS templates at once
  • Fixed issue where the cached classes file would not be removed along with the cached services file when running php artisan clear-compiled
  • Fixed issue with PHP 7.0 compatibility introduced with new PreferenceMaker trait in Build 1.0.457
  • Fixed issue where message subjects set in Mail callback functions were not available to the system mail layouts because the layouts were generated before the callback was called. Note that this was accomplished by calling the callback before content is added to the message instead of after, so it could be considered a breaking change
  • Fixed styling for switch fields that are required
  • Fixed bug where '0' was returned as NULL from $this->param() but returned as '0' from {{ this.param.slug }}
  • Fixed issue where updating a record through a RelationController would not trigger a change event on the RelationController field like creating a record would by triggering the change event on successful update
  • Fixed issue where FormWidgets in Repeaters that made orphaned AJAX requests (AJAX requests fired on an element outside of the repeater's markup structure, ex. from a popup modal instead) were not being initialized which was causing the orphaned requests to fail
  • Fixed issue where the databaseTemplates feature from Build 1.0.456 wouldn't support templates in subfolders. Nesting limit is still 2 (/template-type/subfolder1/template.htm) but the issue where it was just 1 when databaseTemplates was enabled has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue where the change event was not triggered on removing a recordfinder's value with the clear button
  • Improved default email branding styles compatibility with Outlook mail clients by preventing harsh word breaks.
  • Fixed issue where the Model class would try to trim an attribute that was a PHP resource (pgsql:bytea) by simplifying the trim detection logic to just use is_string instead of checking if value wasn't every other type of variable available.
  • Fixed issue where an infinite loop could occur when trying to resolve a circular required_with or required_if validation rule chain.
  • Fixed issue where having no class lists configured for the RichEditor markup class options would break the RichEditor.
  • Fixed issue where the model.beforeSave event would be fired twice under some conditions when using a HasOneOrMany relationship.
  • Fixed PHP fatal error under some cases where argv is not available in the server variables.
  • Fixed issue where the FileUpload FormWidget was checking if the file model was protected before generating the URL to the file even though the File model itself handles that operation since Build 1.0.447.
  • Fixed issue where the mediafinder formwidget wouldn't work when the user didn't have access to the Media Manager by switching the formwidget to preview mode under those conditions
  • Fixed issue where text in an error message popup could not be selected for copy-pasting.
  • Fixed issue with parsing the select2 options format over AJAX requests introduced in Build 1.0.457.
  • Fixed conflict between input.trigger.js & filter.js that caused filter popup buttons to disappear when searching for records in a group filter popup.
  • Fixed faulty type cast for belongsToMany deferring bindings table when using PostgreSQL
  • Fixed support for mobile devices (touch screens) in the jquery.sortable.js plugin
  • Fixed issue introduced in Build 1.0.459 where some server configurations could cause the AssetCombiner to stop working
  • Fixed issue with number range filter not working with a value of 0 for either the minimum or maximum value.
  • Fixed issue where attempting to sort by a column that isn't actually supported as a sortable column by the database could cause the session to enter an invalid state where it would be impossible to remove that column sorting preference.
  • Fixed issue where changing just the "time" field on a datepicker FormWidget wouldn't trigger the JS change event on the field.
  • Fixed issue with the numberrange filter on PostgreSQL when attempting to filter the range by infinity in either direction.
  • Fixed issue where a custom sorting constraint on a relationship definition could cause the RelationController's Lists widget to no longer support users choosing their own columns to sort by. This also fixed a related issue where sorting by pivot data in the RelationController would throw an exception when trying to add a new record.
  • Fixed longstanding issue where attempting to return a response from App::error() would fail with FormatException not found.
  • Fixed an infinite loop that could occur when using the field Parser functionality to define a repeater variable that defines its fields in an external file.
  • Fixed a race condition that could occur when clearing a recordfinder field's value where having fields that dependsOn that recordfinder field would receive the old value in the AJAX refresh.
  • Fixed issue where emails sent with Mail::queue would ignore the subject set in the mail template and instead use Mailable as their subject if a custom subject wasn't set in the callback.
  • Fixed issue when attempting to use a dropdown inside of a DataTable inside of a popup modal.

Security Improvements

  • Prevent tabnabbing that could theoretically occur from a backend user clicking the "Preview" button in the backend navigation and having the tab taken over by the frontend site
  • Added new global JS function ocJSON() to framework.js for parsing loose JSON safely

Translation Improvements:

  • Improved Polish translation
  • Improved Chinese translation
  • Improved French translation
  • Improved Dutch translation
  • Improved Portuguese translation
  • Improved Hungarian translation
  • Improved Russian translation
  • Improved Czech translation
  • Improved Slovak translation
  • Added a translation key for the Repeater's "Add new item" text (backend::lang.repeater.add_new_item)

Performance Improvements:

  • Very minor performance improvement calling JSON.parse() instead of $.parseJSON() in core JS
  • Added support for lazy loading the backend navigation menu icons / images
  • Added caching of YAML::parseFile() when debug mode is disabled. The cache key is prefixed with yaml:: and is generated from the path provided along with the last modified time of that file to ensure that it's always properly invalidated. Cache is stored for a maximum of 30 days.
  • In instances where there is only one theme present and its code matches the code set in cms.activeTheme the database will no longer be asked what the currently active theme is, it will just be assumed that the only one present is the active theme.

Community Improvements:

  • Switched to using GitHub actions instead of Travis for CI on the main wintercms/winter and wintercms/library repositories
  • Added GitHub action to auto archive issues / pull requests after a month of inactivity
  • Added initial frontend testing suite under tests/js
  • Added API docs for,, backend.user.login, backend.beforeRoute, backend.route, cms.beforeRoute, cms.route, cms.block.render, cms.combiner.beforePrepare, system.settings.extendItems, and system.extendConfigFile


  • Updated Dropzone from v4.0.1 to v5.5.1
  • Updated jQuery.Mousewheel from v3.1.9 to v3.2.0
  • Updated Mustache from v2.0.0 to v2.3.2

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