Winter v1.0.466

Released on June 2, 2020

UX/UI Improvements

  • Improved the disabled styling of the markdown, richeditor, mediafinder, & colorpicker FormWidgets.
  • Fixed long standing issue where on initial page load the backend nav bar would be an incorrect width until the JS loaded to correct it by switching to a flex layout for the backend nav bar.
  • Improved UX when an AJAX request is made while the application is in hard maintenance mode (php artisan down).
  • Added three preset buttons (Default, Full, & Minimal) to the backend richeditor toolbar settings to simplify the experience of selecting a custom richeditor toolbar.
  • Form tabs in the backend are now tracked in the URL bar by default making linking to specific tabs easier and retaining the place of the currently active tab across page reloads. Disable this behaviour by setting linkable: false on the form tab configuration.
  • Added button on backend user record pages that allows admins to unsuspend a user account that has been locked out due to failed login throttling.
  • Added new plugin:rollback Author.Plugin 1.2.3 command to rollback a specified plugin all the way to before it was installed or to the provided version.
  • Added new create:reportwidget Author.Plugin ReportWidgetName command to scaffold ReportWidget creation.
  • Added button on the Updates page in the backend to take users directly to the Install Themes page.
  • Update management page & dashboard status widget now list plugins that are missing their dependencies and what dependencies are missing specifically.

API Changes

  • Menu items controlled by NavigationManager are now objects, and $manager->getMainMenuItem($owner, $code) has been added to make it easier to manipulate existing menu items without having to deregister and reregister menu items to apply changes.
  • The postbackHandler property for DataTable form widgets now defaults to null - the widget will interpret a null value as to detect the save handler for the form that contains the widget (this is usually onSave, the old default value, but it will now detect other handlers such as those used by the relation controller).
  • The getParameter method in Cms\Classes\Router is now correctly type-hinted.
  • External parameters may now use dot notation to get a deeper-nested value when used for component parameters in a CMS object.
  • Added auth.throttle.* configuration options to configure the login throttling for the backend.
  • Added formGetRedirectUrl($context, $model) method to the FormController behavior, overrideable by the implementing controller. Used to get the redirect URL for a given context & model if a redirect is requested.
  • If uploaded files are missing an extension Winter will now try to automatically determine one based on the MIME type of the file.
  • Added support for the attributes property on the colorpicker, codeeditor, markdown, richeditor, mediafinder, & fileupload FormWidgets.
  • Added support for the placeholder attribute on the password field type.
  • Added support for defining custom values for the title and toolbarButtons labels of the RelationController behavior.
  • Added support for a badge property on main & side menu items in the backend to display string values as the menu item badge instead of the only numeric values already supported by the counter property.
  • Added a unique HTML id attribute to the Filter widget popups for targeting individual filter scopes in CSS.
  • Added usingSource($source, $closure) method to the Cms\Classes\AutoDatasource to force the AutoDatasource to only use the specified source for that closure.
  • Media items now only return an absolute URL if either cms.linkPolicy is set to force or the path property of the media storage disk starts with an absolute URL. This limits the breaking change from Build 1.0.444 to only installations using a force link policy.
  • Implemented the new Backend\Traits\UploadableWidget trait intended for Widgets that need to handle uploading files to the Media Library.
  • Added support for "soft" or "optional" components, a way for themes to include components only if they're present without breaking the theme if the relevant plugin is not installed and / or enabled. To make a component "soft" or "optional", prefix its name with @. Example: [@staticPage]
  • Added support for ignoreTimezone to date and daterange filter scope types.
  • Changed optional .htaccess line forcing HTTPS to default to returning a 301 response instead of 302.
  • Added ability to translate List column default values
  • Added ability to specify the filename of files uploaded directly via the AJAX framework and Blob objects.
  • Added new data-browser-validate option to trigger browser-based client side validation on AJAX requests within <form> elements.
  • Plugins & themes included as git submodules are now properly detected as valid git sources in the winter:util git pull command.
  • PluginManager->findMissingDependencies() now returns an array of arrays of missing plugin codes keyed by the plugin code that requires the missing plugins.
  • Added support for the trigger field property in the FieldParser.
  • Finished the implementation of the (array) $cssClasses property on the Filter widget.
  • Inspector dropdown properties now refresh dependent fields if the values are loaded remotely through the API (ie. through a getOptions method).
  • Inspector dropdown properties now support the emptyOption option as a synonym for placeholder, to show a value if no dropdown option is selected.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where data in a DataTable widget inside a relation model popup form would not be saved on submit.
  • Record Finder widgets will now correctly save and load a record when using a column other than ID in the keyFrom configuration value, when the widget is not in relation mode.
  • Fixed issue where custom validation rule strings starting with unique would not register correctly.
  • Fixed propertyExists() method to correctly detect properties added through addDynamicProperty().
  • Fixed options support for checkboxlist and balloon-selector field types in the Syntax Parser
  • Fixed issues with properly quoting values when running winter:env
  • Fixed issue where Excel wouldn't properly detect the encoding of CSV files exported using the useList option
  • Asset files uploaded in the CMS will now take their default permissions from the value set in the configuration.
  • Repeaters will now trigger change.oc.formwidget when adding or removing items.
  • Fixed issue where the richeditor toolbar popups were z-index clashing with other form elements.
  • Fixed issue where mail layouts that didn't exist in the database but did exist in the filesystem weren't being loaded correctly.
  • Fixed issue where some browsers would incorrectly check off list checkboxes after a page reload through the autocomplete functionality which would cause visual & behavioural inconsistencies.
  • Fixed support for importing CSV files with encodings not supported by mb_convert_encoding() by using iconv() as a fallback.
  • Fixed issue where translations for related models managed by the RelationController behavior would not save when creating the related model, or updating a pivot model.
  • Fixed issue where model scopes applied by the relation FormWidget didn't support joins being used.
  • Fixed issue where php artisan theme:sync --target=database wouldn't properly sync to the specified target.
  • Improved the flexibility of the PluginManager in accepting plugin identifiers that are not perfectly matched to the desired plugin's casing (i.e. Rainlab.Blog would be considered an invalid plugin identifier prior to this change, it is now correctly identified as belonging to RainLab.Blog).
  • Fixed issue where pivot records being created or updated through the RelationController would not trigger the form field change events.
  • Update manager now respects the values of cms.pluginsPathLocal and cms.themesPathLocal when installing new plugins & themes.
  • Improved support for opcache when opcache.restrict_api is in effect.
  • Fixed issue where Lang::choice method would not use the plural form for a locale with a sublocale (ie. "English (United Kingdom)" / en-uk).
  • Fixed issue where theme:install Artisan command would throw an exception if the database templates feature was enabled.
  • Fixed issue where using the search query input in a filter for a relation list modal would throw a "not bound to controller" exception, due to the request not being tied to the relation list modal.
  • Fixed weird outline styling around :focused elements introduced in Build 1.0.465
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Purgeable database model behavior from being used with the SimpleTree & NestedTree traits.
  • Fixed error that would occur when using the Revisionable model trait with a date value that was null.
  • Fixed long standing problem where if a user attempts to use the list search feature on a list that has improperly configured (i.e. searchable: true set on a column that doesn't support DB searching) then that list would remain broken for the rest of the session's lifetime.
  • Fixed issue where model slugs weren't generated before model validation ran, meaning that autogenerated slugs would not be considered present when attempting to validate a slug attribute as required.
  • Fixed issue where creating records with the TagList would require the nameFrom attribute to be marked as fillable for mass assignment.
  • Fixed issue where having a filter config with no scopes defined would cause issues with the ListController behavior.
  • Fixed typos referencing the Halcyon library
  • Fixed IE11 support for deregistering service workers in the backend
  • Fixed issue where if a template was manually removed from cms_theme_templates when using databaseTemplates would cause an exception to be thrown.
  • Redid Winter's Translation service to extend Laravel's to improve compatibility with Laravel packages
  • Fixed issue where the unique validation rule wouldn't work on models with a custom DB connection.
  • Fixed issue where calling createMany() on a BelongsToMany relationship would cause the relationships to be created as deferred bindings with a session key of 0 even when the parent model exists.
  • Fixed an issue where some ApplicationExceptions include unfiltered user input in the response to the browser, which would cause security researchers to think that they've found a XSS vulnerability which would then take resources to explain how it wasn't exploitable by just stripping any potential XSS from ApplicationException messages.
  • Fixed issue where the filter widget wasn't supported by ManyToMany relations with the RelationController.

Security Improvements

  • Fixed vulnerabilities that required the cms.manage_assets permission to execute (local file inclusion, arbitrary file deletion, & arbitrary upload of asset file types). Credit to Sivanesh Ashok for the discovery.
  • Fixed vulnerability where maliciously crafted CSV files could lead to a self-XSS attack when using the ImportExportController behavior. Credit to Sivanesh Ashok for the discovery.
  • Prevented potential CSV injection attacks via the ImportExportController behavior. Credit to Sivanesh Ashok for the discovery.
  • Prevented potential stored XSS attacks by authenticated users with access to the markdown FormWidget. Credit to Sivanesh Ashok for the discovery.
  • Prevented potential XSS attacks that could be enabled by passing untrusted user input to jQuery HTML manipulation functions. Credit to Matthew Guillot for reporting it, see the jQuery Security Advisory for more information.

Translation Improvements

  • Improved German translation.
  • Improved Russian translation.
  • Improved Hungarian translation.
  • Improved Slovenian translation.
  • Improved Dutch translation.
  • Added Serbian translation.

Performance Improvements

  • Minor performance improvement by not calling Lang::get() every time a CMS Page object is instantiated.
  • Minor performance improvement in the plugin manager by not looping over all plugins everytime a plugin identifier needs to be normalized.
  • Implemented DB query de-duplication for the DbDatasource when using databaseTemplates reducing the number of queries run when pulling from the DbDatasource.
  • Vastly improved performance when using remote storage for the Media Library by reducing the amount of network calls required to list the contents of the storage directory.

Community Improvements

  • Web installer now automatically cleans up after itself.
  • Added method hints to Facade classes to allow IDE software to provide autocomplete and hints for methods provided by a Facade.
  • Added UI docs for indeterminate checkboxes


  • Switched from the abandoned jakub-onderka/php-parallel-lint library to php-parallel-lint/php-parallel-lint for code linting purposes in the Winter CMS and Rain library test suites.
  • Locked the wikipedia/composer-merge-plugin dependency to version 1.4.1.
  • Updated the version of jQuery pulled in by @jQuery to 3.4.0 from 3.3.1 to match the version used in the backend.

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