Winter v1.1.4

Released on August 20, 2021

UX/UI Improvements

  • Fixed visual issue with checkboxes in inspector popups where they would take up space but not be visible.
  • The order of columns in the Lists widget will be reset when pressing the "Reset to Default" button in the List config popup.
  • The password restore and reset pages in the Auth controller now provide a body class (restore and reset, respectively) for targeting CSS.

API Changes

  • The URL generator (URL::to() and url()) will now always return a slash after the hostname and properly URL-encode values with the dot segments processed out.
  • SystemExceptions are now thrown for code paths resulting in not found exceptions (AJAX handlers, partials, content, components, etc) to make it easier to identify and resolve issues before end users are affected.
  • Added the getNamespaceAliases($namespace) & getReverseAlias($class) methods to the ClassLoader class.
  • Added Winter\Storm\Support\Testing\MocksClassLoader trait for mocking the ClassLoader in unit tests.
  • The Http helper in the Storm library now stores and makes available all response headers in the $headers property even if the toFile() method is used - previously, headers would be discarded to prevent them being added to the file content.
  • Custom Twig filters & functions registered in plugins via registerMarkupTags() can now specify the options to be used when registering the filters / functions with Twig.
  • Added support for Trusted Proxies in Winter CMS, allowing sites behind proxies to still be served under HTTPS even if the HTTPS connection terminates at the proxy. Previously, the Backend of Winter CMS would redirect the user to the real underlying web address, which may not exist if it is proxied.
  • Added support for providing a default image to be used for type: image backend list columns.
  • Added the following global helper functions:
    • array_accessible(): Arr::accessible()
    • array_has_any(): Arr::hasAny()
    • is_associative(): Arr::isAssoc()
    • array_shuffle(): Arr::shuffle()
    • str_ordinal(): Str::ordinal()
    • str_after_last(): Str::afterLast()
    • str_ascii(): Str::ascii()
    • str_before_last(): Str::beforeLast()
    • str_contains_all(): Str::containsAll()
    • str_is_uuid(): Str::isUuid()
    • str_limit_words(): Str::words()
    • str_plural_studly(): Str::pluralStudly()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where warnings about removing replaced plugins were still shown even when the plugins had already been removed.
  • Fixed support for multiple where clauses on the unique model attribute validation rule.
  • Fixed support for uppercase file extensions when using the ImageResizer (i.e. .JPG, etc)
  • Fixed a few issues with the unique validation rule (couldn't specify multiple where conditions, minor inconsitencies in how it was being parsed, etc) and added unit tests to cover all valid variations fo the rule
  • Fixed issue where calling url() or temporaryUrl() on a filesystem driver that didn't support those methods would throw a Class not found exception instead the appropriate RuntimeException.
  • Backported a fix from Laravel 7 to allow pagination for queries with having clauses.
  • Fixed issue with NavigationManager items that had invalid order values causing the backend to crash.
  • Fixed issue where requests to non-existant Asset Combiner routes would return a 500 error code instead of 404.
  • Fixed issue where the replacing plugin would be disabled on the first request after an aliased plugin was disabled.
  • Fixed issue where namespace aliases registered via the ClassLoader (usually through the plugin replacement functionality) would not be evaluated by the Extendable trait (i.e. behaviors were not resolving correctly).
  • Fixed issue where 0 couldn't be used as the min or max value for number field types.
  • Fixed an issue with SSL connection failures and the winter:version command on Mac OS by using the Http helper as opposed to the file_get_contents() method.
  • Fixed issue where the user impersonation system would sometimes fail to restore the original user correctly.

Security Improvements

  • URLs generated by Url::to() and url() now return properly URL-encoded values
  • Fixed issue where post() could return values when the request was not a valid POST request

Translation Improvements

  • Improved French translation.
  • Improved Latvian translation.
  • Improved Italian translation.
  • Improved Romanian translation.
  • Improved Russian translation.
  • Improved German translation.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved speeds with path resolution for Halcyon File datasources sharing the same base directory.

Community Improvements

  • Dropped old "build" files in the Storm library that were previously used for subsplitting the modules in the main Winter CMS repository for Composer. This has been replaced by a command in the Winter CMS CLI utility.
  • Changed the default database host config option to be instead of localhost. localhost may be slightly faster in some environments, but is more reliable in all environments and the default can always be changed for specific projects that require it.
  • Added automatic regeneration of the docs on whenever a commit is made to the docs repository meaning that the public docs will finally be always up to date with the underlying git repository that powers them! Huge thanks to Marc Jauvin for finally taking care of a long standing annoyance with the project documentation.
  • Updated the default config files to more closely match Laravel 6's default configurations.
  • Improved issue templates on the main Winter CMS repository

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