Winter v1.1.1

Released on November 22, 2020

UX/UI Improvements

  • Adjusted winter:fresh to remove the demo plugin even when the demo theme has already been removed.
  • Allowed for the "fancy" breadcrumb widget to be styled based on custom branding colors specified in the "Customize back-end" settings.
  • System will now throw an exception with a helpful error message if image resizing fails because an unsupported cache driver is being used (i.e. array).
  • Switched the order of the "Install plugins" & "Install themes" buttons to match the order of the tabs on the actual install page
  • Plugins that are already present in the local system and also exist in the marketplace will no longer be re-downloaded when a Project ID is attached.
  • The plugin management page will now reload after making changes that would affect which plugins are currently active.
  • Custom messages can now be provided for bulk deletions in Lists, defined by the deleteMessage property for successful deletions, and noRecordsDeletedMessage property for when no deletions occurred due to missing selections or an altered list query not returning any applicable records.

API Changes

  • The initial seeding process for empty databases no longer uses a default password; instead a secure random password is generated and reported in the console. If you need to change the admin account password run php artisan winter:passwd admin NewPasswordHere
  • The winter:env command is now privileged and will run even if plugins are failing to boot.
  • A new syntax for specifying the available options for field types that use the options property is now available: \Path\To\Class::staticMethodName will use the array returned by calling the static method \Path\To\Class::staticMethodName() as the options
  • The noRecordsMessage configuration value to specify a message when a list is empty can now be specified for list-type widgets in the Relation controller.
  • CMS pages that are hidden (only accessible to logged in backend users) will now be automatically removed from RainLab.Pages menus.
  • session.same_site now defaults to Lax instead of null and any invalid configurations will be automatically corrected to the default value of Lax. See #5293 for a detailed breakdown.
  • Added new removeSideMenuItems() helper method to NavigationManager, which can quickly remove one or more side menu items for a specific owner and menu.
  • The app locale at the time of a message's entry onto the queue is now stored with the message on the queue as _current_locale.
  • Added support for $query->selectConcat(array $parts, string $as) to concatenate an array of parts into a single column/attribute $as.
  • Added support for the upsert($values, $uniqueBy, $updateColumns) QueryBuilder method added in Laravel 8.x which allows for bulk updates or inserts at the database level.
  • Added separate backend.manage_own_editor permission to allow users to manage their own personal editor preferences without being able to modify the global ones.
  • Added new media_path() helper function to return the fully qualified path to the media directory.
  • Added new Storage::identify($disk) method to identify the name of the disk configuration used to instantiate the given disk instance.
  • Template blocks in Backend templates are now correctly terminating the output buffering used. Block processing uses layers of output buffering to determine applicable block content, however, a particular scenario occurred where subsequent blocks were not rendered due to content in between two blocks cancelling another layer, causing issues with further blocks. The block functionality will now capture the content in between blocks and hold it until the final content is generated, keeping the correct layer intact so that subsequent blocks are kept in the right location. See for more information.
  • Added new Winter\Rain\Database\Behaviors\Sortable behavior that mirrors the functionality of the Winter\Rain\Database\Traits\Sortable trait except with the ability to dynamically attach it to models at runtime allowing for third-party plugins to be extended with the functionality.
  • Themes can now register localization keys to be used only on the backend using a similar file structure to plugins & modules. Ex: themes/mytheme/lang/en/lang.php contains 'ga_api_key' => 'Google Analytics API Key', referenced by themes.mytheme::lang.ga_api_key.
  • Quick actions can now be defined in the top-right of the Backend. Quick actions act as shortcuts to common actions, such as previewing the website. See for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where displaying protected file thumbnails with a width or height set to nothing would fail.
  • Fixed issue where URLs to resized images were not being properly URL encoded
  • Fixed an issue introduced in Build 1.1.0 where plain Twig templates couldn't be loaded through the {% include 'path' %} or {{ source(path) }} Twig functions.
  • Fixed issue introduced in build 1.0.458 where non-grouped repeaters with minimum items specified via the minItems option did not pre-fill the repeater with the minimum items.
  • Fixed issue where the ImageResizer would attempt to process image types that it couldn't handle instead of just passing them through untouched.
  • Fixed issue where resized images were not correctly identified as already having been resized when atomic (blue/green) deployment strategies are used in conjunction with files being stored on the local filesystem in a shared symlinked storage folder.
  • Fixed issue where the media manager would not display a folder that a contained a filename with characters that are considered invalid by the MediaLibrary class (i.e. '+', various unicode characters).
  • Fixed issue where resized images with spaces in their filenames would not pass the resizer validation checks because the target URL would be decoded three times instead of the intended two.
  • If a model's dateFormat includes microseconds (.u) or milliseconds (.v) but a given value provided to an attribute that is cast as a date does not include that information, then the date casting logic will now automatically add the appropriate number of zeros to the end of the provided date value for it to be accepted when parsing the provided value according to the defined dateFormat for the model. This fixes an issue with databases that have .u or .v in date columns that are managed by the datepicker in the backend which doesn't support sending micro or milliseconds.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue where returning a redirect to a file in response to an AJAX request in order to get the browser to download the file wouldn't stop displaying the AJAX loading indicator.
  • Fixed the uploads_path() helper.
  • Fixed support for AWS S3 as a source for the ImageResizer.
  • Fixed issue where backend administrators list could not be filtered by "Is superuser?" filter on SQL Server due to that database engine not supporting literal boolean values.
  • Fixed adjacent block placeholders not working in Backend templates - the initial block is rendered, but the subsequent block is ignored. See API change above regarding block termination for more information.
  • Fixed issue where an exception is thrown when scanning template content for mail templates and layouts that have been orphaned by a disabled or removed plugin. This prevented plugins such as the Translate plugin from scanning messages correctly.
  • Fixed issue where models with guarded properties were failing to allow attributes that don't have a corresponding column to be processed in events (for example, the "data" attribute in the File model).
  • Fixed issue with the included http_build_url() polyfill where the current and replacement URLs couldn't be passed as strings.
  • Fixed issue where having multiple belongsToMany relationships defined and differentiated by the conditions property would cause one of the relationships to be wiped out on saves of a separate relationship. See wintercms/winter#4952 for more information.
  • Fixed issue where paths provided to the theme:sync command were too loosely matched, which could lead to files that weren't intended to be synced being synced anyways.

Security Improvements

  • The admin account password is now securely randomly generated during the initial seeding process for empty databases and is reported in the console. If you need to change the admin account password run php artisan winter:passwd admin NewPasswordHere
  • Tightened up the default permissions granted to the "Publisher" system role out of the box
  • Improved handling of custom editor styles to prevent HTML injection
  • Locked down the Twig sandbox even more to prevent allowing users with access to Twig templates from defining and running PHP code

Translation Improvements

  • Improved Taiwanese translation
  • Improved French translation
  • Improved Slovenian translation
  • Improved Russian translation
  • Improved Italian translation
  • Improved Dutch translation
  • Improved German translation


  • The Composer merge plugin was temporarily cloned to the WinterRain GitHub organization to resolve an issue with Composer 2.0 support.

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