Winter v1.2.2

Released on May 31, 2023

UX/UI Improvements

  • Added support for Child Themes by defining a theme code in the parent property of a theme's configuration file (theme.yaml).
  • Added support "virtual" themes (theme.yaml files present in the DatabaseDatasource when using the Database Templates feature).
  • Added iconpicker FormWidget with support for custom icon libraries.
  • Component assets stored in an assets directory within the component directory will now be mirrored by the winter:mirror command.
  • The AJAX form validation feature documented in Snowboard that was missed during the initial implementation of Snowboard is now included by default with the extras package.
  • Lists can now be sorted by invisible columns.
  • The alert() & error() methods on Winter\Storm\Console\Command now implement Laravel's CLI components for rendering messages.
  • Number of items in a folder in the Media Manager is now correctly pluralized.
  • Fixed the icon for the "Return to parent" folder item in the Media Manager.
  • Tweaked sizing of the inputs for a datepicker field in datetime mode - the date input size has been slightly increased, and the time input size has been slightly decreased, to better fit their respective content.
  • Checkbox fields marked required will now show the required indicator.
  • Fixed issues with the fancy layout styles affecting nested form styles.
  • Fixed issue where an empty option element was present when adding a widget to the dashboard.

API Changes

  • Vue 3 is now available in the backend via the window.Vue variable.
  • Added new slug validation rule that validates a string as a valid URL slug (alpha-numeric and a defined separator, defaults to -).
  • Added new Str::isJson() method to check if a string is valid JSON as well as the is_json() global helper function.
  • Added new File::isAbsolutePath() method to the Winter\Storm\Filesystem\Filesystem class to check if a path is absolute.
  • Added support for the mode property for the mediafinder FormWidget. Supported modes include: image. video, audio, document, file, and all.
  • Added a new metadata JSON blob column to the backend_users table.
  • Added support for extending the head block in the backend views via Block::append('head', $html).
  • Added sizeBytes and lastModified attributes to media items returned by the Media Manager's getItems() JS function.
  • Added $formWidget as a variable made available to partial fields.
  • Locally defined dynamic methods are now prioritized over behavior-defined methods, allowing you to override behavior methods in your Extendable classes.
  • Added support for scoped dynamic code extension. You can now pass true as the second parameter to the ::extend() static method in order to run extension code within the context of the class being extended giving the code access to protected and private properties and methods.
  • Added support for local dynamic code extension. You can now call the extend() method on an instance of an Extendable class to have that extension apply only to that instance of the object.
  • Refactored backend JS widget loading, added backend.ui.eventHandler and backend.ui.widgetHandler Snowboard plugins, refactored the IconPicker, ColorPicker, & Sensitive FormWidgets widgets as Snowboard plugins.
  • Snowboard.js event listeners now support closures.
  • A new configuration, develop.debugSnowboard, has been added to config/develop.php, to allow overriding if Snowboard debugging and console logging is enabled, independent of the app.debug setting.
  • Added support for the RESTRICT_BASE_DIR environment variable to control the cms.restrictBaseDir config setting.
  • The content function in Twig now can return a boolean, thus allowing usage as a conditional for fallback content if a content file does not exist.
  • The Markdown parser now uses the CommonMark library by the PHP League, as this library is already a Laravel dependency.
  • A $settingsCacheTtl property may be provided for models that implement the SettingsModel behavior. This property accepts an integer and allows you to set the length of time (in seconds) that settings in this model will be cached for, defaulting to 1440 seconds (24 minutes).
  • Split the render() method of Winter\Storm\Halcyon\Processors\SectionParser into three methods (renderSettings(), renderCode(), and renderMarkup()) as well as added three methods for parsing the sections (parseSettings(), parseCode(), and parseMarkup()). This makes it much easier to extend the SectionParser to build customer parsers. Demonstrated in the Winter.Blocks plugin.
  • Added support for setting the cache key per instance of the AutoDatasource.
  • Refactored the ClassLoader to support PSR-4 autoloading for packages added via the autoloadPackage($namespace, $path) method (modules & plugins). The old method of lowercase folders with proper case files is still supported as well.

Bug Fixes

  • Refactored the Winter\Storm\Support\Traits\Singleton trait to bind to the application container instead of the global scope, which was causing issues with running multiple instances of Winter CMS in the same PHP process (i.e. unit tests, Laravel Vapor, Octane, etc).
  • Fixed an issue where add() and remove() methods on the Winter\Storm\Database\Concerns\BelongsToOrMorphsToMany relation were passing the model key instead of the model instance to the attach() and detach() methods.
  • Fixed an issue with generating thumbnails on disks with custom root paths, also simplified the logic for generating thumbnails.
  • Improved support for multiple database connections in a single Winter project by using the parent model's connection when creating a new model instance from a relation, specifically when using Deferred Binding.
  • Fixed support for class castable attributes on models.
  • Fixed support for artisan route:cache.
  • Fixed issue where the FormBuilder would generate elements with empty id attributes.
  • Improved support for asset URLs in multiple places.
  • Fixed incorrect return type for the onLoadMovePopup() MediaManager AJAX handler.
  • Fixed the usage of POST arrays when using the original AJAX framework, which sometimes were incorrectly collated by the nested parent forms functionality implemented in Winter v1.2.0.
  • Fixed depends usage in the Inspector widgets for object and objectlist fields.
  • Fixed issue where fields with the slug or camel preset tools enabled wouldn't respect the max length of the field.
  • Fixed issue where backend permissions weren't being registered when in any context other than the backend.
  • Fixed numerous instances of the App facade being used instead of the local reference to the app instance which should improve support for multiple instances of Winter CMS in the same PHP process.
  • Fixed issue where contextual fields (name@context) could not be removed via removeField('name').
  • Fixed issue with the embedded JSON attribute parser treating datetime values as floats.
  • Fixed incorrect usage of the plugin:install command inside the winter:install command, due to a change in the former command's parameters.
  • Removed Winter.Drivers as a recommended plugin to install when running winter:install.
  • Fixed incorrect URLs being returned by the System\Models\File::getPublicPath() method if the storage being used was not a local file storage.

Security Improvements

Translation Improvements

  • Improved Russian translation.
  • Improved Ukrainian translation.
  • Improved Latvian translation.
  • Improved French translation.
  • Improved Italian translation.
  • Improved Slovak translation.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved the performance of resolving the active theme in cases where there are a lot of themes present or "virtual" themes are being used.

Community Improvements

  • Added Emmet support to Winter CMS template files with the official Winter CMS plugin for VS Code.
  • Improved examples in documentation for extending forms via the form.extendFieldsBefore and form.extendFields events.
  • The \TestCase alias has been set up to point to the correct base test class for unit tests, removing the need for adding a polyfill class in unit tests to support testing in both Winter v1.1 and v1.2. By extending this alias, unit tests should now work in both branches.


  • Replaced the dependency on erusev/parsedown and erusev/parsedown-extra with league/commonmark for the Markdown parser which was already included by Laravel and improves compliance with the CommonMark specification.
  • Testing suite is now running on PHP 8.0, 8.1, & 8.2 across Ubuntu & Windows.
  • Updated wikimedia/composer-merge-plugin to ~2.1.0 to allow for the replace configuration of dependencies to be merged together.

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