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Triggered in: Cms\Classes\CmsObject.php

Provides opportunity to filter the items returned by a call to CmsObject::listInTheme()

Parameters provided are $cmsObject (the object being listed) and $objectList (a collection of the CmsObjects being returned).

Note: The $objectList provided is an object reference to a CmsObjectCollection, to make changes you must use object modifying methods.

Example usage (filters all pages except for the 404 page on the CMS Maintenance mode settings page):

// Extend only the Settings Controller
\System\Controllers\Settings::extend(function ($controller) {
    // Listen for the cms.object.listInTheme event
    \Event::listen('cms.object.listInTheme', function ($cmsObject, $objectList) {
        // Get the current context of the Settings Manager to ensure we only affect what we need to affect
        $context = \System\Classes\SettingsManager::instance()->getContext();
        if ($context->owner === 'winter.cms' && $context->itemCode === 'maintenance_settings') {
            // Double check that this is a Page List that we're modifying
            if ($cmsObject instanceof \Cms\Classes\Page) {
                // Perform filtering with an original-object modifying method as $objectList is passed by reference (being that it's an object)
                foreach ($objectList as $index => $page) {
                    if ($page->url !== '/404') {

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